Golden Triangle Weather

When talking about travelling climate of a place is a very important factor for all of us. A perfect vacation largely depends on the climate of the place as bad climate is sure to give you a awful holiday. Thinking about the climate of Golden Triangle for making plans in coming holidays? Here we come with a complete detail about the weather of Golden Triangle. Go on, make your plans accordingly !


The city of palace of India lies in the Western frontier of the country. Having a semiarid climate the city mostly receives rainfall between June and September. Temperature is quite high most of the specially in the months of April and May with temperatures rising above 35 degree Celsius. However, the winters are pleasurable ( November to February) with cold waves and breeze. The city experiences rainfall in the months of August and September followed by a lovely weather in the month of October and November. With little or no humidity the winters experience a freezing temperature. Typically desert climate the days are hot in Jaipur and nights are cooler.


Delhi welcomes summer early with temperatures rising from early April and lasting till late of June with extreme heat, little or no humidity and a over- heated sun.  The summers can get really uncomfortable in Delhi with temperature rising above 40 degrees so it is best to avoid the visit during this time. Although from mid June humidity rises a bit with a slight drop of heat and thunderstorms. Summer flowers like Gulmohar, Shireesh and Bouganvellia are quite famous in Delhi. Winters in Delhi are also very rough because of its subtropical climate. Early winters have a steady temperature between 20 to 10 degrees but in the late winters that is in the months of January it can fall to single digits. Having a relatively dry weather for most of the time in the year springs in February and first half of March are very comfortable and pleasing.


Like most of the cities in the Northern part of India Agra also has a typical tropical climate with January being the coldest and May being the hottest months of the year. Temperatures suddenly rise beyond 45 degree Celsius.  Summers are really long in Agra from May to September with a high level of humidity. The monsoons can get real uncomfortable in the city. the city experiences post – monsoon rainfall during the month of October. Winter begins from December with temperature falling upto 6 degrees in January. Agra sometimes experience winter showers also making the degrees drop to further limits.

P.S – Here is a little tip for your vacation to the Golden Triangle of India! According to us the best time to visit Golden Triangle is from October to November if you intend to love Autumns and if Spring is your thing February and March is the time. The ambiance is cool with easy – breezy nights and lovely warm sunny days. So pack your bags!


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